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CVT’s people development (not management) mantra is to adhere to the following principles.

“Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great"
– Emerson

Our recruitment process is long and complex and we take care to hire people who will fit for the job we recruit them and we make sure they understand our culture and vision. We believe that “Happy People are Productive”. We understand, people feel happy when they achieve something significant and they want to do it by applying their strengths and learning and learn as they apply.

We trust our employees and empower them and share our collective dreams and give them the freedom to act responsibly. Trust and be Trustworthy.

A Bias for Action is the key to success, while Analysis can help, but only Execution leads to Excellence. Encourage and Reward Execution Excellence.

Most organization have tendency to block people from doing things. We realize, if we create an environment to trust our employees in the organization, they will do the right things, by focusing on Execution to meet with the goals, they would succeed. We understand that Execution is not easy, but Great Executives Executive despite the hurdles and handicaps. Analysis can be a starting point, but action is the key to solving problems. Such a bias for action may mean taking risks, when the information available is insufficient. We encourage such calculated risk taking.

Our Star Performers are not just individual Performers; they are people who are exceptional in working as a member of a team, focusing on the success of the team.

We understand that in the industry we are in, we need to solve larger problems only as Team. Yes individual talents are great have, only when they can work with other talented team members, focusing on solving problems, than on personal issues.

Be curious and Learn constantly

We urge our employees to be curious and learn constantly. Only constant learning is the anti-dote to stagnation and growth. We value experience, but we also value Potential to look at problems that are to be solved and encourage youngsters to go out and solve the problems innovatively. Each such encounter is an opportunity for learning.

Judgment Precedes Policies and guidelines – Do the right thing.

At CVT we have policies and procedures for many routine things, but we also understand that to create policies and procedures for every business situation is not easy. Therefore, our guidelines to our employees are to trust their judgment and do only the right thing. So we would like to keep our policies simple. When in doubt, Employees are encouraged to discuss about the issues with their peers and seniors.

Believe in Serving Others, Customers, peers, stakeholders and society

In our business, our success stems from customer’s satisfaction. Yes, we are also in business for profiting. But, we believe the only way we increase our profit is by serving. Serving others. When we serve our customers, invariably we have to serve each other. If you do not have serving attitude, you will not be happy at CVT. Because serving others is happiness.

Rewarding our people for contribution and Performance

CVT strives to pay its employees as per industry standard. We believe, we cannot profit by saving on the labour cost. We can only profit by making our employees more productive. Employees would be productive, if they love the job, company and the way they are treated. We pay our employees for their performance and they earn it.

CVT offers employees the following perks
  • Subsidized breakfast and lunch. Free dinner, if you stay late.
  • Unlimited Cappuccino , Tea and Malt Beverages – 24 x 7
  • Free Snacks
  • Subsidized transport and drop at home, if you stay late.
  • Earn Leave Encashment
  • Gratuity , PF and Insurance

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