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Infrastructure at CVT

Reliable and high quality infrastructure forms the critical back-bone of service delivery infrastructure. CVT has a state of the art centrally air-conditioned development facility with all the necessary facilities to provide high quality services to their customers.


CVT is situated in Chennai, an IT Industry hub in South India, which houses many Global IT majors and leading technology companies, large number of reputed Engineering colleges and Chennai is known for availability of large pool of IT and Engineering talents. CVT’s state of the art software development center is located in the Rajiv Gandhi Road (OMR) in out-skirts of Chennai.


CVT has excellent development center with open office plan for all their development staff. Meeting rooms, Training Halls, Conference Rooms, and Office rooms are tastefully done to simulate excellent working condition for software Engineers.

Power Back-up

CVT has a 250 KVA utility provided high quality power supply. This is backed by UPS and a 250 KVA Genset, CVT Development staff infrastructure gets high quality uninterrupted power.

Internet Bandwidth

A dedicated premium, 8 mbps premium leased line is available with a back-up line for internet connectivity and VoIP communication links, in addition to over 100 direct Telco lines. The conference rooms and individual desks are wired for both VoIP links as well as Telco lines. All the senior members are provided with 3G mobile internet access devices to access net wherever they are.

Data Center

CVT Data center is professionally designed and set-up to ensure trouble free performance round the clock, in a secured area. The development servers are hosted on virtualized Servers to ensure redundancy and fail safe performance. Data back up and fault tolerance is built in.


The premise is completed secured by Access control and CCTV systems in addition to round the clock manual security.


The facility also has a Cafeteria and 24x7 pantries to serve the needs of staff and visitors. This self contained modern development center ensures our productivity is kept high and our team members are able to put in their best efforts.


CVT ensures that their employees commute easily. CVT has several transport systems for their employees to reach the office in time and return safely home, when the work is completed.

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