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Process And Quality – The Art and Science of Software Development

The Art and Science of developing software has been an interesting field of study. Process ensures predictability and control. Process is a result of our past learning. Changes often bring new learning. The creation of software is like an evolutionary process. All Developers and customers want to avoid rework in development process. But, in reality, only when the development process progresses, all the stakeholders learn more from the outcomes and want to correct their original assumptions. Good software is not only functionally perfect, but also one that is deployable easily and maintainable without problems, and that can change easily when needed and yet can scale infinitely! Therefore, there is a balance between process and flexibility.

CVT has an evolved process road map for software development, particularly useful in offshore outsourcing context. We recommend our clients about the process to be followed by understanding the context and client’s requirement. Wherever we are able to predict reasonably accurately about the requirement, we go for water-fall model with strong documentation and sign-off. But, in most cases, the model is agile in nature with quick releases and iterations. We also take in to account the customers business needs and tailor our working accordingly. CVT team is integrated as part of client’s team. This approach gives the client the necessary flexibility and control over the project.

Application Life Cycle Management – a proven approach to produce tangible and predictable results

CVT follows Application Life Cycle Management model for development as followed by Microsoft and their Technology development platforms.

CVT offers Flexible Solutions, Proven Process and Tailored Engagement Model, which helps companies who are new to IT outsourcing / off-shoring to benefit a lot by realizing quick traction, high value and be competitive in their market. CVT adapts agile development model to meet to dynamic needs of their clients.

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