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Product Engineering Services

Software Product Engineering is different from Software Project based services. CVT has proven experience in developing Software Products, having handled complex Enterprise class Product Engineering which has survived in the market for over 10 years.

Software Product Engineering is a mix of Art, Science and Management effort. CVT with its extensive experience will be your ideal partner to develop product effectively and sustain them.

Software Product Engineering Challenges

Software Product Engineering brings with it a number of challenges such as Time to Market, Low cost of Development, High Quality, Deep Domain Knowledge, Product Sustainability, Collaboration, Knowledge sharing, Knowledge Retention and Fast response to market feedback.

CVT has significant experience working with growing companies to develop products for them in a cost effective model, in which our offshore team takes over coding and development by actively collaborating with the product team and product architecture group which are with the clients. This way, the client and CVT keep their core activity as their primary responsibility. Such an arrangement provides cost efficiency without compromising on the quality. CVT assembles hand-picked team members with specialized required skills and retains that long term to ensure the product development efforts goes without risk and at the same time, knowledge is retained and the product is sustained.

CVT product Engineering approach has the following aspect as its integral part of service - Reuse

In our Product development services approach, we plan for reuse, and enable the same and enforce it, it is not just opportunistic. Our team closely works with Product Architecture and Product Management group, which is in the client site, to create the costly artifacts, such as requirements, domain models, architecture patterns, performance models, test cases and components cost effectively. The team’s vision is to make product development effective and sustainable. Such coordinated sustained efforts leads to extensive reuse and high profitability from the overall efforts. This gives our clients a competitive advantage in the market place.

Our Product Development Services include all the phases of Product development services.

  • Product Strategy / Product Vision
  • Product Architecture Phase
  • Product Engineering and Development
  • Product Testing & QA
  • Release Engineering
  • Post-Release Support
  • Professional Services

Expanded Scope of Product Engineering / Development and sustenance services would include the following phases also.

Design Engineering Development Service

  • Product requirement and Business Vision analysis
  • Architecture & Design – for efficient development using reusability, patterns and standards
  • Development & Unit Testing – for Quality and Performance
  • Porting – for different platforms and environments
  • Migration – for migration to different technologies
  • Internationalization/Localization – for specific and global markets

Product Testing, Quality and Reliability Engineering Services

  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Load & Scalability Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Conformance Testing
  • Usability Testing

Release Engineering

  • Configuration Management
  • Source Code Control
  • Release Management
  • Full Product Release
  • Technical publications

Post Release Support

  • Sustenance
  • Technical Support

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