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Engagement Models

Time and Material Model

This engagement is simple and flexible. Clients can engage our development and consulting resources according to their requirement on a simple time and material contract. Typically we would like to offer our resources for a minimum 3 months period of engagement. Billing will be done at the end of every month, according to the hours logged by the resource. Our resources work 8 hours per day and five days a week, barring declared holidays and emergency leave taken by the resource. The hourly rates will depend on the profile of the resource. Resources log their time entry, which the clients can monitor.

Dedicated Team Model

Under this model, a team of dedicated resources will be allotted to the client, after the resources are approved by them. These team members are locked for the client’s project as long as they want. But the minimum period of such engagement is one year. During which period, the team members will be fully engaged only in the client project without moving them to other project. Such long term contracts also get our preferred rates. Clients get the assurance of retaining the knowledge, by retaining the same team.

Captive Product Development Team

Captive Product development teams are set-up with long term view to develop and sustain a team which would not only initially develop product but also continue to support the product through maintenance and support services. Clients who come under such objective share their strategic intent and vision with us and continue to forecast their short term and long term needs and increase the collaboration in both technical, financial and operational needs. In some cases, when the size of operation grows, the client would eventually like to graduate and become a full-fledged dedicated and owned operation. The transition plan is thought-out well in advance and implemented over a period of time.

Remote Infrastructure Management Services

Some clients are availing Remote infrastructure Management services to manage their infrastructure such as their servers, applications and cloud infrastructure etc., Under RIM services all routine maintenance of client infrastructure on 24 x 7 basis can be done from offshore. Such services can help clients to provide their customers with better services competitively.

Build Operate and Transfer – Joint Venture Development Model

Some clients want to set-up their own operations for off-shoring and outsourcing in India. But, it is not easy to kick start an operation without the local knowledge and local presence. Such initiatives need people who can understand the local systems, culture and dealing with statutory authorities etc. This process can be demanding and requires lots of efforts and time. At CVT, we help such clients to create a plan to build an offshore development center for them from scratch to help them achieve quick traction. Initially, such ventures can be started with a strategic intent and before forming a JV, the client can start outsourcing as clients and slowly with specific milestones, start recruiting their employees and transition them from CVT’s role to their role and eventually hive off the team as planned as a independent company.

Revenue sharing model or Pay for Performance Model

IT sourcing and technology development and maintenance is not for the sake of development of new technology or maintain same level of business performance, it is ultimately for running your business successfully by continuously improving. In other words, all IT initiatives must lead to achieving some business goals by measuring the outcome from the new Technology initiative. Innovative engagement models call for innovative thinking. When the IT Development team immerses itself to solve business problems with a measurable outcome, then they may be able to deliver services and solutions, which cannot be defined contractually. On the one hand, the provider gets the freedom to drive his team towards the solution flexibly and apply their knowledge well to achieve the results. The client can focus on results than on the means. Both get benefited at the end, when the desired business result is achieved by measuring the outcome and sharing savings.

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