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Microsoft Dynamics GP &.Net blended solutions

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a proven solution and platform offering unmatched value and flexibility to users for managing their business. Designed for and preferred by small and med-sized growing companies, Dynamics GP is proven product with capabilities to handle multi-company implementations. Dynamics also offers the platform for development that can handle customization to suite your business needs without much additional costs. Dynamics GP has financial accounting system, payroll and human resource management system incorporated.

The value of Dynamics GP also is enhanced tremendously by the customization option it gives to the user to create their own modules and integrate the same with Dynamics GP.

CVT has been developing GP based product and integrating them with other newer and powerful technologies such as .NET and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) approach for many years now.

If you have an existing GP system running in your organization and want to enhance the capabilities of the same by adding any features, whether such features can be added by GP or other more advance technologies such as .NET, then CVT can offer you services to create solution and deploy it. It is cost effective and quick, at the same time, maintains your existing system without any disturbance.

Typical application include, integrating with other systems, external or internal to your organization, or leveraging web technologies, by creating / integrating web presence or building SOA based interface to other systems and devices such as Mobiles Devices / Tablets etc.,

CVT has deep knowledge in both Dynamics GP as well as .Net Technologies, which can be leveraged by you for creating cost – effective yet powerful solutions to meet with your changing business needs.

The following additional .NET capabilities gives CVT the edge to offer you very sophisticated yet cost effective services.

Our core expertise include in the following areas
  • REST Services
  • WCF ( Windows Communication Foundation) / WWF ( Windows Workflow Foundation)
  • .NET Remoting
  • System Messaging
  • Inter-operability between different technologies such as Java, and Linux etc.,
  • Appropriate UI and application Design and development.
  • Work flow Solutions

Talk to us to avail customization services for building custom Solutions for Dynamics GP

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